All persons desiring to do business in a borough or township listed below must obtain a Business Privilege License and must file Business Privilege and/or Mercantile Tax return whether or not tax is due.   Business Privilege Tax applies to the gross receipts of all businesses and persons engaged in businesses and/or provide services within a borough or township except those businesses subject to the Mercantile Tax.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!   MRRS cannot issue a Business Privilege License unless both a completed BPL application and payment are received together!   DO NOT send payment without completed application form, this will delay processing and could result in imposition of late filing penalty!  




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2018 Business Privilege & Mercantile Taxes

The Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax Return filings due dates for the Township of Aston; Chadds Ford Township; Brookhaven Borough, Township of Chester; Borough of Darby; Township of Darby; Borough of Folcroft and the Borough of Sharon Hill have expired.   In accordance with municipal ordinances penalties and/or interest are imposed on all late tax return filings.   Businesses on Federal extension for 2017 Actual Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax Return and have submitted proof of extension to MRRS, LLC by tax due date are exempt from imposition of penalty and/or interest liability for the 2017 Actual filing only.      A federal extension does not extend filing date for 2018 Estimated tax returns.          

Business Privilege Licenses will not be issued unless both a completed BPL application and payment are received together.   Please do not submit payment without completed application form, this will delay processing.   Penalty fee payment must be included with all late business privilege license applications.

Please contact MRRS, LLC at (610) 565-1396 if you are unable to download forms and/or have not received 2018 Business Privilege License & Tax information.

Fish vs. Lower Merion Township Decision

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court reversed the Commonwealth Court and ruled that municipalities do indeed have the right to collect business privilege taxes and license fees based on leases and rents paid for properties based in their municipality.   Click here for more information.

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MRRS, LLC provides information, owner payoff statements and certification documents for delinquent trash and/or sewer fees, abatements, nuisance and municipal waste liens that are due and owing against a property within the following Delaware County municipalities; Township of Aston, Borough of Darby, Borough of Folcroft, Borough of Glenolden, Borough of Sharon Hill and Upper Chichester Township.

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